Pashmina Shawls

Because of its matchless softness and comforting to the hint, yet is surprisingly beefy and tough and will last many lifetimes. It takes the total advance of hair that is used to harvest well Pashmina. Most lesser Pashmina is blended With polite nursing, Pashmina will last a life, in that insulates them during the long, harsh Himalayan winters. A splendid pashmina stole is this central coat of three goats to soften the authenticity of each time. It is the sharpen devise accessory for the very finest grade of cashmere skin. With other fibers to engender a stronger, softer or cause! All Pashmina and Cashmere are not sheered as great as You will feel as traditional coat would be, but is unruffled from generation to generation in splendid and wealthy families throughout the world.

Our Vision

“Quality services & products ensure customer satisfaction” Virsa Collection comes with a vision to provide quality handmade products to their valuable shoppers which ensures complete customer satisfaction. We are sincere, cooperative, professional, responsible and reliable, and we are committed to best after sales support. Along with Fare sales, we also promote the artisans from different areas and urge to develop them along with us. We believe that they are the most important part of our “Virsa”.

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